‘Purpose gives direction to an otherwise rudderless ship.’

Purpose gets us out of bed in the morning. Purpose can evolve moment to moment, in mundane activities such as making a cup of tea and cooking dinner; or purpose can be the overarching theme to your life.

In a discussion of purpose during a late night radio show, a guest made the insightful point that we often discuss our purpose in a negative way; from the point of view of goals that have not been reached. We ruminate over the dreams and ideals of the younger self that were never realised, that remain unmanifest

Our fulfilment of purpose can be inhibited if we think that we ought to do something, perhaps expected of us by family, culture or society, who we believe might not value our more authentic inner longings.

Purpose can be informed by our stage in life; when we are young we have the excitement and promise of the future, abundant with choice and opportunity. In youth we have time to follow our dreams, and try out ideas. Our young life is the time for exploration, for developing personal values, for growth and development of the ego and identity.

As we reach middle age, we might begin to consider limitation, to let go of dreams that have not been realised. Choices become more precious as we realise that we have more time behind us than in front of us. In middle age we may find ourselves becoming more altruistic, considering what we contribute to the world and ultimately what we want to leave behind us.

In latter yeas as we face the inevitability of aging and death our ideas of purpose become more reflective. We contemplate the entirety of our life; the themes, lessons learned, regrets, loves and losses. We sum up, we summarise, we write our epilogue…

A sense of sacred purpose can transform the smallest of mundane tasks, from chores that foster resentment into worthwhile acts of divine service. A sense of sacred purpose, reassures us that our lives are worthwhile and have not gone unnoticed; there was a point – we meant something, there was a purpose to our being.