To me there are two major cornerstones that spirituality addresses; how to give life meaning and purpose and how to face death (and life).

Meaning and Purpose necessarily have to be considered together as one leads to the other.

There are those that believe life is imbued with spiritual meaning and those who believe that we make our own meaning out of the chaos of life. The latter was the view of the German philosopher Heidegger, who coined the term ‘Thrownness’ in reference to the seemingly arbitrariness of life. This view of the absence of a guiding principle or intelligent design, is in accordance with mechanistic science; the universe emerged forever expanding and evolving from one singular point, the big bang, from which followed a chance occurrence of multifactorial aspects coming together in just the right way and at the right time to create life.

• What sense do we make of the world we live in?

• The time, culture, bodies that form us?

• What is the purpose of life as you see it?

• If your belief is that life is hard – then you might not trust or value anything that comes easily.

• If you believe that life should be fun, then you may resent your working life.

• If you believe that life is about knowledge and learning then you might feel unproductive if you rest.

• If you believe that your career defines your success in life, then you might be so driven that you cannot allow yourself to take a break.

Honouring your spirituality gives a deeper dimension to the daily grind, a higher purpose to the mundane. This allows a more expanded vision, wherein we can acknowledge something greater than ourselves at work in our life, even if for you, that’s just staring up at the night sky and wondering in awe at the vastness of the universe that our small planet resides in.