To begin to tackle a problem one has to acknowledge that there is a problem. Usually we search around for someone to blame; perhaps we blame ourselves. How does the blame game help? At best it finds a convenient place to park our own inner disturbance, anxiety, guilt, regret etcetera, etcetera…. At worst it leaves everyone feeling desolate and bitter; winning a war with no sense of victory.

Whoever or whatever happened, here you are; however terrible or painful.

This is where we so often stay stuck………

Stuck in the…
• ‘If only they hadn’t…..’
• ‘If only they had…..’
• ‘If only I hadn’t…..’
• ‘If only I had…..’
• ‘It shouldn’t…’
• ‘It should…’
• ‘WHY…’

We believe that if we let go of the ‘story’, that we are somehow saying that what happened was ok. It wasn’t ok but what’s the alternative? To struggle along the road with those well-worn bags, telling anyone who’ll listen?

What follows next is up to you.

Acceptance is just being with what is.

Acceptance is being here and now.

Acceptance is pausing on the pathway, putting the baggage down and surveying the landscape.

For some of us the struggle with acceptance is to accept ourselves and who we are; we believe that we should, ought, must, have to;
• think
• feel
• be
• look
• act


Nevertheless here you are, as you are, NOW.

How liberating it is to be happy in your own skin, to feel at peace with yourself, to love yourself, to accept yourself.

Lack of acceptance might be fuelled by fear.

• fear of change
• fear of reality
• fear of loss
• fear of limitation
• fear of judgement
• fear of pain
• fear of death

How about you and I put the bags down, sit on the roadside and rest awhile….

Rest in what IS…..