Sustenance For The Soul is a Psychotherapy service that is focused on the Spiritual aspects of the individual. By spiritual I do not mean religious, although certainly this would be included in the definition. By spiritual I mean the non-physical. Even the most materialist of personalities has a set of beliefs about themselves, the world and others; has a meaning that they give to life; has a purpose which gets them out of bed each day.

At times we can lose our way and our faith; it can be extremely troubling to find that you are questioning a belief system that you feel is no longer supporting you – particularly if you have grown up within this belief system. It can seem as though the mere act of questioning is highly irreverent and this can be a disturbing and fearful time.

If you feel stuck I can meet you in your struggles, by working to understand your unique view of the world, the universe and your place in it –whatever your particular belief system or practises.

I have had the privilege of working with individuals from a wide range of spiritual traditions and belief systems, including;

• Christian (Baptist, Anglican, Methodist) • Catholic   • Muslim   • Jewish

• Jehovah’s Witness • Sufi • Buddhist • Pagan

My aim is to facilitate your own journey through spiritual unfoldment – I do not coerce you toward any particular direction, nor do I challenge your personal set of beliefs.

With you, I honour and respect the sacred and the unfolding of life’s journey, however that manifests for you.

• If you are exploring your spiritual aspects for the first time

• If you need space for an overview of your journey

• If you have lost your way and need the support of a fellow traveller

• If you are struggling with your existing faith

• If you feel that your troubles or experiences are rooted in the non-physical 

Perhaps you need some Sustenance for the Soul?

I provide a safe and non-judgemental space to explore consciousness and the mysteries, with a fellow companion of open heart and mind.